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135/ 2,2 VDSLR Canon EF

135/ 2,2 VDSLR Canon EF
135/ 2,2 VDSLR Canon EF 135/ 2,2 VDSLR Canon EF 135/ 2,2 VDSLR Canon EF 135/ 2,2 VDSLR Canon EF 135/ 2,2 VDSLR Canon EF 135/ 2,2 VDSLR Canon EF
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Brand Name


Information :

135/ 2,2 VDSLR Canon EF

Item number: 20743
  • Standard telescopic lens for film and video
  • suitable for Canon EF
  • Magnification 2.7 × for full-size; approx. 4x for APS-C and almost 8 × for the 4/3 - camera, compared with the corresponding standard focal length
  • outstanding lens speed of 1:2.2
  • very small focal depth when using the full aperture, utilization resulting in fine bokeh and plastic cropping of the motif
  • Picture angle 19° for full-size; 12° for APS-C cameras; 9.5° for Micro Four Third cameras
  • expensive optical design with 11 lenses in 7 links
  • practical near focussing limit of 80cm
  • no change in overall length caused by inner focussing
  • robust metal mounting
  • including lens pouch, lens hood and lens cap
Item description

Detail, landscape and portrait
The lens with its focal length of 135 mm zooms in on details without bringing the typical, lapsing telescopic effect into the picture. Since it is free of distortion and with its aperture it by far surpasses the standard Vario lens of the digital camera. Hand-held shots and even snapshots do not cause problems with this focal length. Users of an APS-C camera will be more than pleased: they now have a medium length landscape lens, here still with an extraordinary aperture, which enables reliable working and previously unknown shots.

Outstanding lens speed
The walimex pro 135 mm with an initial aperture of 2.0 comes with an extremely high lens speed. This not only enables hand-held shots under critical light conditions, but it also provides creative highlights by providing the possibility of quasi cropping the motif: the focal depth is half the size of the focal depth when using a 135 mm lens with an aperture of 2.8. At the same time the finder is twice as light, which is a great help when assessing the picture.

High quality optics
The lens is optically of a very innovative design: with 11 lenses in 7 groups in combination with a lens made of high-refractive ED-glass it also ensures excellent images also in the close-up range. The minimum range of 80 cm (!) has deliberately been kept very small - concentrating on details is made easy with this lens. The mechanical design ensures that the tube does not rotate when focussing (considerably eases the use of 77 mm polarization filters) and the total length does also not change - no matter whether you work in the infinite range, or at the 80 cm distance setting. This is achieved by a second inner tube, which moves inside the outer mounting when focussing. Further advantages: The centre of gravity remains almost unchanged. The fine focal distribution is achieved by an almost circular aperture with 9 blades. All glass-air surfaces are obviously provided with a ultra multi-layer coating.

Technical specification
Focal length135 mm
for APS-C complies with approx. 200 mm KB
Lens speed1:2.2
Lenses / Groups11 / 7
Picture angle KB / APS-C / 4/319° / 12° / 9.5°
Near focussing limit0.80 m
Filter diameterE 77 × 0.75 mm
Diameter / length, depending on connection82 mm / 120 - 148 mm
Weightapprox. 892g
Included in delivery
  • 1 × walimex pro 135 / 2.2 DSLR for Canon EF, black, with front and rear caps, lens shade, lens pouch.

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